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Rescue Emergency Care – Outdoor Emergency Care Scheme.

REC was formed with the philosophy that anyone should have the opportunity to learn and to teach first aid.

REC has a wide range of courses available to meet the needs of clients, whether it is in an outdoor environment or within a workplace.  The courses are delivered in a modular and structured programme which allows the courses to be easily adapted to suit individual needs.

A helpline provides professional support and information to both trainers and candidates. We will help to guide you to make the right choice of course to meet your needs.

The Emergency Care – Awards scheme provides training specific to the Outdoor, Expedition and Wilderness First Aid training to those who work and play in these often challenging environments.

Recfirstaid Ltd and its associated network of highly qualified instructors are outdoor first aid, expedition and wilderness first aid experts. Rescue first aid is a crucial life – saving skill. It is particularly important that people are confident and skilled in outdoor first aid when working or playing in remote locations where help can take time to arrive. We believe that the best way to gain these skills is through hands-on, practical outdoor first aid training, which is enjoyable and leaves people with the knowledge and confidence to know what to do in an emergency.

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PHECC Courses – Responder Level.

PHECC Pre-Hospital Awards.

The Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council [PHECC] is an independent statutory agency with responsibility for standards, education and training in the field of pre-hospital emergency care.
Pre-hospital emergency care is any clinical care or intervention that an acutely ill or injured person receives from trained personnel in the Pre-Hospital environment. This immediate care can make a huge difference to someone’s mortality or morbidity. Emergency care can be given by someone within the community such as a GP, someone who has trained as a responder, or by registered practitioners.
The Council publish clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) and recognise institutions to provide pre-hospital emergency care training and education.
In addition to maintaining a statutory register of practitioners Council approve Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Service Providers to implement CPGs.

RECFIRSTAID Limited. t/a Rescue Emergency Care is a PHECC Recognised Institution approved to deliver PHECC responder courses. Only PHECC recognised institutions can deliver PHECC approved education and training standards leading to certificates of course completion for responder levels.

If you require workplace First Aid Training in order to fulfil your obligation to meet the Health and Safety Authority regulations you most likely require the PHECC First Aid Response Course.

To see what PHECC courses that RECFIRSTAID LTD can offer please click here 



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The manual handling of loads regulation and its related schedule sets out a framework for employers to reduce the risk of injury from manual handling activity. It seeks to reduce the very large incidence of injury and ill health arising from the manual handling of loads at work. The regulations place duties on employers in respect of their own employees. Almost every occupational setting needs some form of manual handling.
To comply with current Health and Safety legislation, staff engaged in manual handling must be given training in safe manual handling techniques. This training trains you how to carry out manual handling tasks correctly and therefore avoid back injuries. Back injuries caused by incorrect manual handling techniques are one of the most frequent causes of workers compensation claims.

Course Programme
Dangers of careless and unskilled methods
Principles of levers and laws of motion
Anatomy of the spine and muscular system
How the body is harmed through incorrect handling techniques
How to handle loads safely
Lifting to and from ground level
Lifting to and from a height
Lifting (bags, sacks, barrels, where appropriate)
Other organisation specific lifting tasks
Competence testing

Course information
All our manual handling tutors are QQI certified with extensive training experience. This course takes approx. 3.5 hours to complete, learners will receive a certificate upon completion.
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